The Workers’ Rights Act (2019)

October 31, 2019



The Workers’ Rights Act (2019) overwrites the Employments Rights Act since 24th of October 2019. This new law has a few salient features that all employers need to be aware of.


A Portable Gratuity Scheme has also been introduced and proclaimed, coming into effect in January 2020. The percentage contribution by the employer is currently stated to be 4.8% but we expect private sector lobbies to hopefully bring it down to, at most, 4%.


Then are other such elements that bring a drastic change to the existing legal environment around employment.


The thirty remuneration orders that regulate specific sectors of the economy have been reviewed, but yet to be published and made accessible to enterprises/the public at large (hence our inability to elaborate on these in this blog). Note that a new remuneration order governing the ICT/BPO sector has also been introduced.


In order to help you understand the changes brought about in this new umbrella law (the Workers’ Rights Act), We will soon publish an extensive article on the main features.


Our team is at your disposal for any further information or clarification that you may require. Note that the new law carries a few grey areas, and we hope to have a stand on these after having attended briefing sessions scheduled shortly by competent bodies.


We also plan to host explanation and debate events around the subject. Should you wish to participate please drop us a line on















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