Company Profile

Gibson & Hills offers a full range of services designed to implement your project and ensure its proper management in Mauritius.



Founder & CEO



Founder & Director

Nadeem founded the Gibson & Hills Group, after decades of experience in the leading consultancy firms of the island. He has over 27 years of experience in business development and management services, in diverse industries, from agriculture to aviation. From business structure set-ups, management and re-engineering, Nadeem is able to advise and intervene at all levels within an organization. He also masters all aspects of relocation to Mauritius, including immigration law, foreign investment and physical settling-down on the island.

As an entrepreneur, he has founded several businesses covering industries such as business development / management, ICT and mobile technology, HR consultancy & management & Tourism – amongst others.

Hundreds of successful project implemented

From conception to realization, we are a team of passionate professionals who helped shape and develop hundreds of business dreams through a consistently high level of service. We are regularly quoted for our dedication and support to what can be a tedious adventure.

We place your needs at the centre of everything we do, with only one objective in mind: your success. At the heart of our philosophy is the human factor. Our mission is to provide a level of service that can carry the dreams and objectives of entrepreneurs and organizations.

Our services are either in package format or tailor-made to suit the needs of each individual or business. We understand that every project is unique and treat it as such.

Our Companies

The Gibson & Hills Group is composed of four companies, each specialized in distinct services designed to serve businesses and people.


Gibson & Hills Management Ltd

Whether it is a simple company incorporation in Mauritius or a complex assignment, our team knows exactly how to walk the maze. Our expertise lies in delivering precise advice and moving the right resources at the right time to realise your projects. We handle every aspect of business; financial, legal, technical and operational.

Talent Lab

A licensed recruitment agency coupled with specialist human resources management services, Talent Lab has all it takes for any business to effectively work out its human capital building and management. From simple operations to complex re-engineering of human resources, we are able to deploy all the expertise and services a business requires.

Cloud Junction

Cloudjunction offers process management services to businesses. We are able to diagnose process bottlenecks and faults, design the appropriate solutions and proceed to implementation. These services are designed to reduce inefficiency, unnecessary procedural or operational blockages and optimize resource utilization. Whether it is operational, administrative, financial or other aspects, our team is able to advise and assist in revamping any process of a business.

Delormi Technologies Ltd

The mobile application development arm of Gibson & Hills Group, Delormi Technologies works on several projects that have an impact on the socio-economic environment of Mauritius. Our recent creation, Happy Diabetic, is an application that contributes to the fight against diabetes which affects around 25% of the population. Our expertise is available to those who want to enter the mobile applications world.