Why Mauritius

Mauritius is known to be one of the most beautiful tourist destination of the world.

Breathtaking views, a naturally cosmopolitan and welcoming population. The island seem to be blessed by the Gods.

The Star & Key of the Indian Ocean aspires to play a leading role in international commerce. The successive leaders & decision-makers have given the country the means to achieve its objectives. Transformations are visible; in infrastructural developments and the business environment. Laws and procedures have been streamlined to carry the island into higher dimensions. The doors are wide open to foreign capital and expertise.

Gibson & Hills can advise, accompany and help you realise your dream. Our team will provide you with the best advice and services to relocate, live and do business in Mauritius.

Relocating to Mauritius

Almost every visitor has whispered his wish to stay longer in Mauritius. Many have chosen their island as their new home or second home, living under the sun and the pearly beaches. Our people are well aware of the island’s beauty, we have thus put in place several residency schemes to allow foreigners to settle down in paradise.

Each residency scheme is operated under specific conditions and rules. Those who want to work, stay and live in Mauritius are able to choose the option that suits their scenario.

Gibson & Hills has, over decades, provided a complete range of solution to foreigners relocating to Mauritius. We provide advice and services that can cater for any type of project, people and condition.

Exceptional quality of life in Mauritius

Mauritius is a tropical, next to paradise. Sun all year round, even the rain sends a happy feeling. The population, warm and ever smiling welcomes you arms wide open. Stay and live in a mosaic of culture, in peace and harmony. The Mauritian lifestyle is unique.

The Mauritian economy ranks among the most performing in Africa. Paradise island has a clear-cut ambition, that of playing the leading role in international commerce and business. Population and decision-makers make a common effort, moving towards the same direction; progress. Like any other country of the world, Mauritius has its load of difficulties and obstacles, but the country moves steadily towards enhancing quality of life. Successive governments have ensured coherence in their respective approach, thereby ensuring an undisturbed momentum towards the long-term objectives.

Mauritius is blessed by the Gods. Climatic and political stability enhance the overall experience of life. There are no major natural calamities (volcanoes or earthquakes). Temperature varies between 35 to 10 degrees in extreme weather conditions (generally cyclones) but otherwise remain pleasant and mild all during the year. The island is surrounded by world’s most beautiful beaches, enjoyable at all time since Mauritius does not have any extreme summer or winter seasons.

Mauritius is all about peace, stability and progress. The population is a blend of cultures around the world. Mauritian are therefore naturally open and welcoming to foreigners. There is neither history nor trace of xenophobia or fascism on the island. A peaceful, calm and happy island awaits you.