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One of the best performing economies in Africa

Open to foreign capital & expertise

Skilled & trained workforce

Climatic, social & political stability

Low & simple tax regime

Infrastructure, connectivity & accessibility

Preferential trade zones memberships

Tax treaty networking 

Mauritius, paradise island, enjoys a strategic geographical location amidst the Indian Ocean.

From an exotic port of stop for sailors of ancient times, linking Europe to Asia, to a worldwide hub for international commerce and business, Mauritius has been able to adapt itself over time. The country has implemented several strategic policies to ensure that it plays the leading roles in the region. Mauritius enjoys membership in several preferential trade zones, multilateral agreements and double-taxation avoidance treaties. With an open immigration policy, targeting foreign capital & expertise, Mauritius is a destination that's worth considering, for business or simply for personal relocation.

To learn more about Mauritius and doing business on this island, read our blog!

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