Doing Business in Mauritius

Gibson & Hills provides a full spectrum of services for those who want to invest and/or do business in Mauritius. From simple business registration up to complex intellectual property management, we handle everything. Whether you are looking at starting from scratch or envisaging a Merger & Acquisition, we have you covered.

  • Registration of companies and other business structures
  • Mergers & Acquisition
  • Brokerage & Consulting services
  • Feasibility studies, market research & other pre-registration documentation
  • Trade & business facilitation services (connection to suppliers, import procedures, etc.)
  • Opening of bank accounts (Personal & business)
  • Registered office domiciliation
  • Nominee directorship and shareholding
  • Intellectual property registration & management
  • Tax & social registrations

Our management services refer to all aspects of management that business owners requires in order to operate serenely in Mauritius. Beyond a simple accounting or tax office, we are able to go deeper into the operational / management aspects to help business owners focus on what they do best … their business.

Typical management services cover:

  • Accounting tax and VAT compliance
  • General financial management
  • Receivables & payable management
  • Operational resource management
  • Fleet acquisition & management
  • Procurement & replacement
  • Human resources (recruitment, management & compliance)
  • Secretarial services

Regulated activities refer to business activities that fall under specific regulations. At Gibson & Hills, we have decades of experience in handling such assignments, from licensing to compliance aspects.

We provide the following services, inter-alia:

  • Freeport licensing
  • Tourism enterprises (including restaurant +40 seats)
  • Liquor outlet
  • Gaming and gambling licenses
  • Import licenses